Tuba Farm and Garden -U pick Ur Price

Tuba Farm and Garden is a Small brown and female operated sustainable farm and garden center cultivated with love and kindness. As a nonprofit helping to reduce food insecurity and reduce food waste, we serve communities of Southern New Jersey by providing fresh produce and growing opportunities to those who are historically underserved and disadvantaged. Our goal is supply Fresh whole foods to children and elderly Southern New Jersey residents in the local rural and urban communities. Feeding those in need with gleaned and donated produce continues to be our top priority. Tuba Farm and Garden has an abundance to offer the community. We are building a sustainable Food Forest where anyone can pick fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, chickens, eggs, herbs, microgreens, cut flowers, and fresh honey at a price they choose. We are donation based only and never demand payment. We feed those in need weekly in Camden NJ, a food desert local to us.

Ֆինանսավորված Homelessness կողմից (January 2023)