R.A.D.: Random Acts of Deliciousness

The act of gift giving, especially when it involves sharing food, is symbolic and powerful. The heartwarming effect of receiving a gift from a strange coupled with the timeless act of sharing sustenance transcends boundaries, cultures, social class and personal boundaries. In fact, food is a popular window to other cultures and to popular figures in media in shows like No Reservations, The Splendid Table and through numerous blogs and web sites.

Because I love sharing my joy for baking and surprising others, I often bring baked goods to events I attend, like local concerts, and any time I add a new friend I learn their allergies, their dietary preferences and their favorite sweets. I started dubbing my baked good giveaways R.A.D. (Random Acts of Deliciousness – like R.A.K., Random Acts of Kindness). I would like to really take R.A.D. to the streets and inspire others to bring spontaneous gifts of sweetness to others.

Starting this summer, I will scout out at least different spots in the Queen City, and on an ordinary afternoon and deliver 3 – 4 dozen single cupcakes to anyone I meet (of course disclosing any possible allergens). In the cupcakes, I will have little flags that say, “Random Acts of Delicousness: Be R.A.D. for a stranger today!” I want to do this 3 times before September. The other side of the flag will have the url for my blog. On my blog, I would like to document these outings and the reactions. For each post like this, I will share the recipe used. I would also like to share other recipes (with photos) and I would like to include some videos demonstrating the recipes. The recipes shared will be geared toward baking for someone you know with special dietary needs or preferences (such as gluten allergies, nut/soy/dairy allergies, baking vegan, etc.) in exquisite but very accomplish-able ways. I think small joys and gifts are the one way to reveal bigger connections and foster community.

Ֆինանսավորված Cincinnati, OH կողմից (June 2013)