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There are lots of parents who want to be awesome parents. But how do you become an awesome parent?

You can read a lot of books by people like Alfie Kohn, Steven Covey, and Marshall Rosenberg, etc. But that takes a lot of time, you have to be sitting down and have your eyes open--parents find this challenging. You can send your child to a school that shares your parenting philosophy. But these schools are uncommon and you're also probably paying a hefty fee for private school tuition. You could go to parenting classes, get a sitter, coordinate schedules with your partner, change out of your favorite sweatpants, and pay more money. You could search for parenting education online, but there is inadequate information about becoming an awesome parent in this respectful, empathic philosophy.

But don't despair Soon you will be able to go to for interactive, online parent education. You will learn about what to do through the Pear model, which incorporates the work of top researchers, psychologists, and educators into a comprehensive visual model. - Download educational videos, of real parents and teachers so you can see and hear how to handle situations with kids - Listen to podcasts and learn while you are on the go - Get parenting iPhone apps for in-the-moment support - Be in a supportive online community.

We have gathered several consultants to develop Rick Sharp, director of del Sol School, is a collaborator in the development of the Pear model and has approved filming at del Sol. We also have Brett Beucler, computer programmer, working on our iPhone app; Margaret Wuller, artist; and Potsch Boyd, video producer.

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