Using hand held voice activated 2 way language translators, participants will be able to speak with their neighbors for the first time in their neighbor's native tongue. Based on the speed dating prototype, people will engage with one person at a time who does not speak the same language. Using the translator, people who have live side by side for years will finally be able to speak with their neighbors for the first time and understand each other, thanks to the translators. The project will take place at our new home, SANCTUARY, at 1668 Bush Street. This will be our first community outreach program at our new space! ALL TRIBES PLAYHOUSE is our Living Arts collective whose mission is to celebrate the sanctity of our daily lives with creativity, mindful presence and spontaneous fun. We empower the most vulnerable residents in SF, the unsheltered, elders, new migrants and kids with creative process. Collective members, acting as teachers, leaders, facilitators and fool engage people with the challenge: Let's have fun with everyone

Ֆինանսավորված San Francisco, CA կողմից (October 2022)