Caminata De Colores

We appreciate this opportunity to tell you about our event, Caminata de Colores! This annual spring time event is a carnival style walk-a-thon that benefits the youth of San Jose, and specifically, the students of River Glen bilingual K-8. We host this event on school grounds. What we hope to accomplish is simple: we are raising funds for extracurricular math, science and art programs. We are also raising funds for much needed classroom supplies. Our school simply does not have enough resources for programs and extra supplies. It has been reported that half of children in the region are in households struggling to get by. At River Glen, the data is no different. Almost half of the student population (500 students) are classified as low-income to very-low income. Many of our students are falling behind in the areas of math and reading. Test scores are showing significant (and devastating) learning gaps. In fact only 35% are proficient in Math compared to 90% proficiency in a nearby elementary school located in a more affluent area of San Jose. The majority of our students are Latino and many are english language learners. Our AWESOME bilingual school has the opportunity to embolden, inspire and ignite the palpable potential of our students. The faculty, staff and parents are rallying together to build and re-build in the face of challenges that bear down on our community. Despite the challenges, we are laser focused on providing thoughtful and high-quality education and learning experiences. We are preparing our students to shatter the relentless cycles that have been plaguing our community for years. But with your help and the help of people like you, our students can and will succeed here in Silicon Valley and beyond!

Ֆինանսավորված San Jose, CA կողմից (October 2022)