Ritual Addictions 20th Anniversary Family Event

Ritual Addictions will be celebrating their 20th Business Anniversary in the Watertown area. Due to this monumental anniversary, Paulie (the owner) will be giving back to those who supported him by hosting a family fun event! This will entail a children's carnival with games, balloon artist, chalk art contest, food and inflatables. During the evening, we will host a street dance with bands coming from Paulie's hometown in Wisconsin and local artists. We will also have food trucks to assist the crowd's needs. This is all coming together lovely and the save the date has been dispersed! It will be Sept 24th (approved by City) starting 2-4 for children then 8-12 for adult event.
*Paulie has provided services such as commissioned art pieces, large murals, tattooing and piercing to locals as well as people all over the United States. He has a large group that will be attending for him to thank them for their support. We hope to see you there!

Ֆինանսավորված Watertown, SD կողմից (September 2022)