Each June, the month of Stonewall, we stand together to embrace our sexuality, bodies, personalities, art, music, literature and politics, while recapturing pride from corporate sponsorship. We strive for a pride that refuses to put rules on what you can and can’t be proud of, that says every expression, from the spirit to the flesh, is worthy.

This year on June 1st, we will rally around dynamic speakers and outreach organizations from 6 to 8pm. Then we take it down 6th st (the straightest street in Austin) to dance, march and celebrate out in the open. Proud and free in all respects. We return to our rally space and unleash the magic back into the place we call home.

We have definitely grown in size from the first QUEERBOMB drop here in Austin, Texas. With an expected attendance of 8000 or more this year, we are excited and ready to roll this rally and procession out with the community standing strong and proud and fully decorated.

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (May 2013)