Culture in Motion: Capoeira Kids

Generally, children in foster care and at-risk/justice involved youth have much less access to cultural and performing arts activities. These activities help connect children to history and culture that are passed down over time through heritage. Lack of access can lead students to feel disconnected, isolated and without a community that they can relate to. Moreover, exposure to cultural and performing arts provides outlets for children to be creative, express themselves, and learn about the vast history that connects them to their community. 

Our project aims to provide Capoeira & Afro-Brazilian cultural arts classes to foster care programs and at-risk/justice involved youth in our community. We aim to expose these children to the unique cultural & martial art of "Capoeira" and its related musical, theatrical and movement elements. Capoeira is a special opportunity for many of these students as it is the only martial art of Afro-Latino origin and offers many ways to connect to this heritage through movement, music, language and more.

Capoeira originated from African slaves brought to Brazil who disguised self-defense training as song and dance. Their songs kept the stories and legends of their past alive. Capoeira helped slaves escape from plantations and create communities where Africans congregated in Brazil as sovereign people. Capoeira and its related arts continue to empower Afro-Latinos to show their strength, advocate for their rights and celebrate their identity.

The dynamic nature of capoeira and its related arts elements, uniquely allows the practice of acrobatics, dance, martial-arts, music and strength training all at once. Our students develop skills such as balance, fine motor skills, flexibility, rhythm, coordination and more. Capoeira also boosts confidence, discipline, strength and agility all while organically exposing participants to Afro-Latino cultural arts.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (September 2022)