Moonlit Acres Retreat Farm Accessible Ramp

Moonlit Acres Retreat Farm is a new non-profit eager to grow and serve the neurodivergent community in Carroll County with our inclusive recreational and wellness events and workshops. Our goal is to support our guests with forming genuine friendships, discovering healthy ways to achieve self-care, and find a sense of inclusive belonging in our community here in Carroll County. While a majority of our workshops take place at various community locations around Carroll County, Moonlit Acres Retreat Farm has just purchased a location that is nestled in the beautiful countryside of historic Union Bridge, Maryland. We will use this location to host cooking workshops, partner and employ community instructors to provide a variety of inclusive workshops, and will eventually use the spacious grounds for gardening and outdoor events.

Please take a minute to view this video for examples of our workshops and events:

Ֆինանսավորված Westminster, MD կողմից (October 2022)