Pig Paradise Expansion Project

June’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Sarah Hogg and the Sweet Sanctuary Animal Rescue to support a paradise for 14 awesome pigs.

“Mamma Bear, Cruz, and the ‘Lucky 12’ all live together in an area called Pig Paradise,” explains Sarah. “It’s an area filled with all the things they love, as we make it our mission to provide them with the best life possible, and help showcase their true nature to the world. This summer, we want to provide them with more space to roam, graze, sun tan, and play.”

“The Pig Paradise expansion project,” she continues, “includes clearing, seeding, and fencing in land to provide the pigs with additional forested and grassy acres, and a large pig pond! It also includes three more nut trees, native to the land, so the pigs can do more of what they love most, walnut hunting! But most importantly, this new section of land is going to provide the pigs with more grass, because it will allow us to rest and safely rotate the land they utilize, preserving and making the most of their acres.”

“The project will be visible to the public when we resume tours,” says Sarah. “There are beautiful viewing points to see the vast land and the ability to walk beside the pig pond – even over a little bridge, which will be quite a sight to see! 14 happy pigs frolicking in their pond. A really unique, heart-warming, educational experience.”

Sarah is the co-founder of the Sweet Sanctuary Animal Rescue, a farm sanctuary located in Mississippi Mills. You can make a charitable donation to support the Pig Paradise Expansion Project at sweetsanctuary.ca.

Ֆինանսավորված Ottawa կողմից (June 2022)