Sustainability Sewing Workshops

I would like to propose a series of free all-ages, public weekend workshops around Miami that would invite participants to empower themselves through the radical act of mending and sewing. This series of workshops would focus on decorative mending and creative uses for upcycled materials, a creative and useful practice that I have taught before in my monthly sustainability fashion art series. These classes would be open to students ages 3 and up and can facilitate 30 students each. The workshops cover topics of sustainability and basic sewing skills to encourage participants to mend, customize, and extend the lives of their most precious garments. In the past the decorative mending workshops have included patch making, quilting, painting, and weaving, salvaging, and restoring worn clothing. Clothes are the most accessible form of expression, for artists and non-creatives alike, by tapping into this plentiful resource participants are encouraged to express their own personal styles and the way they express themselves outwardly to the world. Students are encouraged to mend, create, or personalize garments using the techniques learned during the workshops with each student ending the class with an updated garment of their own. These skills can be used beyond the classroom for day to day use and general creative expression. While crafting their individual pieces, participants would learn about the topics of manufacturing, the purpose of clothing as a personal, social, and political construct, and the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. Materials would be fully provided by me with most materials being upcycled fabrics, paint, beads, clothing, and more. Each workshop culminates in a mini photo shoot showcasing the participants in their updated clothing.
I am currently teaching these workshops via Vizcaya in Younison, a month long event this June. I would like to continue these workshops throughout the summer at various locations with grant funding.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (July 2022)