People Helping Improve Life (PHIL-Athens)

PHIL-Athens promotes and increases everyday giving, provides funding to nonprofits, and makes it easier for community members to support causes they believe in. We achieve these goals by removing the financial barrier and time costs typically associated with philanthropy, thereby sparking greater community involvement and motivating people to donate to nonprofits instantly and at no cost to them.

PHIL is an acronym for People Helping Improve Life. It is short for philanthropy and means love in Greek. PHIL-Athens is a tech-based marketing company that connects businesses with nonprofits and enables people to click on our website to earn coupons and donate to causes they care about instantly and without spending their own money.

PHIL benefits society in that we increase awareness of and provide funding to an array of nonprofits. We also provide value to our partnered businesses by enabling them to support many causes that appeal to a diverse group of potential and existing customers. In addition to promoting our sponsors, we ultimately provide them with increased revenue and help support the local economy. To date, we have raised over $13,200 for nonprofits and have spurred the regular involvement of over 1,500 people in philanthropic activities.

PHIL was founded on the principle that there is no one person best fit to solve the problems of a community and demonstrates that philanthropy is about collaboration. Our service magnifies the capacity of individuals and sets an example of how people can use collective individual strengths to benefit a community.

We believe that business can be conducted for more than just making money. It can be for a greater good. We believe it is possible to transform today's business conventions into a medium of social betterment. PHIL gives people the opportunity to easily improve the lives of those around them and to turn good intentions into tangible results at no cost, making giving part of their everyday routines.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (April 2013)