Sweep4Peace: a community engagement project where volunteers go out and help to clean up a street and share the CURE violence model with residents. The goal is to change mindsets in Philadelphia away from gun violence and offer strategies residents can infuse into their own communities. Sweep4Peace has done this on several occasions on blocks that have been affected by gun violence. The intervention has assisted with blocks creating phone trees to report negative activity, since more than one report seems effective in getting help from agencies that may be needed at that location. It has produced several block leaders becoming block captains with Philadelphia More Beautiful, it has promoted more neighbor engagement and eyes on the street. We bring resources which not only includes other organizations, but also fresh produce, share boxes, and most recently, we gave away plants and helped neighbors to create planters for their porches. In many neighborhoods, lighting is an issue, we would like to add solar lighting to our offering. During Sweep4Peace we have also had the Phila Fire Department out to install smoke detectors in homes. We do not have a website but we do have a social media presence.

Ֆինանսավորված Philadelphia, PA կողմից (May 2022)