Growing Community through Diverse Storytelling

27th Letter Books has been working in collaboration with local Detroit educators and small publishing (Nestingbirds Publishing) to create bi-lingual weekly storytime programming. Each Saturday, 27th Letter Books and Nestingbirds Publishing host virtual and in-person storytime featuring diverse characters and an associated craft. Volunteer readers from the local Southwest Detroit community read in Spanish, giving children the opportunity to hear stories from different people from the community. During the historic rainfall over the summer of 2021, the community suffered terrible floods. Wayne County was declared a state of emergency as thousands of cars were abandoned and left floating on the highways. 27th Letter Books specifically endured thousands of dollars worth of damages to inventory and Nestingbirds Publishing lost its entire stock of books. Despite these losses, 27th Letter Books persists in growing its community through diverse storytelling. In this new year, 27th Letter Books hopes to develop its programming and take storytime to the next level.

Ֆինանսավորված Ann Arbor, MI կողմից (March 2022)