FARE FINTA a playbook for creativity

FARE FINTA is a playbook that brings creativity and performing art everywhere. A project of audience development: to fill the gap between citizens and art (theaters, museums, workshops, installations, etc.) generated by the pandemic, to increase the use of creativity and play as a tool to overcome fear and isolation, to sustain the cultural sector in crisis.

FARE FINTA is an independent publishing project that mixes texts by Marica Girardi, illustrations by Simona Zurlo, design by Maria Rosaria Digregorio.
Made up of 11 illustrated exercises and an instruction booklet (40 pages in total), it is written using simple texts and intuitive images and is designed for ages 3 to 99.

It was designed for: teachers and educators in daily work, families experimenting with non-formal and extra-skilled educational tools; organizations that deal with social and cultural issues that organize workshops and courses for creativity development.

To achieve our goals and disseminate the project we plan to
print 200 copies and freely distribute them to Italian prisons and public libraries and other organizations that deal with the social and cultural inclusion of children and young people who are undergoing this confinement;
sell additional copies through the crowdfunding campaign launched on the Italian platform Produzioni dal Basso to allow citizens to support the project by purchasing a copy. https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/fare-finta-1/

The support of awesome fundation will allow us to print and distribute the 200 free copies to 19 juvenile prisons and 5 female prisons in Italy, to 133 public libraries for children in Italy.

The book will also help: the independent bookstores that will distribute it, small Italian organizations working in the field of hand printing, illustration and involvement of children from the Italian suburbs.
To date we have already involved: the Zabar Association, the Ammostro Association, the Ziczic Association, the Pigment Workroom Associa

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (February 2022)