Building Joy in the Makerspace

Katie Meier is the Makerspace teacher at Randolph Heights Elementary School in St. Paul, MN. Each day, k-5 kids get to come to her room and make stuff! The Makerspace provides a supportive, inclusive environment where kids can build their confidence and grow their creativity.

With funding from StPaulAwesome, the Makerspace experience will go one step further by providing kids with the tools and materials to learn and practice basic woodworking skills. All of Makerspace's 425 students will have the chance to create an awesome, original work of art from wood.

Younger students can sand, glue and paint wood and older kids can learn how to safely use a saw, sander and drill to make their creations come to life.

StPaulAwesome Trustees chose to support the Makerspace Project because it encourages creativity and the tools will be used by students for many years to come.

Ֆինանսավորված St. Paul, MN կողմից (February 2022)