tutifruti is a project led by two queer Latina women based in South Florida. Through a variety of mediums, they have created a network for women and LGBTQ+ skaters to share their stories, forming a space to grow and learn together from diverse locations. The tie binding these communities is a handmade tutifruti fingerboard. Each board is unique in its design and message, representing a moment of healing and acceptance.

The creation of the original 75 tutifruti boards stemmed from Isabella’s search for a way to process a traumatic, emotionally abusive relationship that transpired during the pandemic. The physical action of making the boards became a form of art therapy, and the designs drew inspiration from a variety of sources, such as books, television shows, friends and family, as well as her own experiences in therapy. The boards were tangible markers of the development of her mental health, one that felt valuable to share, which led to the creation of tutifruti.

Together, we set out on a skate tour through Europe, Turkey, and Morocco, taking with us the tutifruti boards to donate to many of the women and/or LGBTQ+ skaters that we met on our journey. As we encountered people, we engaged in discussions about mental health and how it relates to skateboarding, while sharing our own struggles and growth. By opening up this conversation, an exchange of emotional vulnerability occured that improved the personal well-being of ourselves and others.

Now, we seek to spread this awareness through the U.S. skate scene, where skateboarding was born and continues to thrive. Our next goal is to create 500 new tutifruti boards to take on our next tour through the United States.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (January 2022)