Life Enhancement Through Education in Music

LETEM seeks to bring music to everyone. There are many ways we accomplish this; however, two main avenues constitute most of our daily business. Primarily, we collect used instruments from the public and distribute them to low-income kids. We advertise and travel to various programs and venues to spread the word and gain donations - we accept any type of instrument in any condition. Our instruments are repaired for free through our generous partnership with a small local music store. Kids apply to receive our instruments - at this point, every applicant that is eligible (receives free or reduced lunch from their school an is involved in a music program in school or outside of school) receives the instrument of their choice! Instruments are also donated to entire music programs, whether at schools or extracurriculars; often, these programs are low-income or in the growth stage. In addition to our instrument program, we teach clinics to schools and youth programs. These clinics range from specialized instrumental instruction to broad speeches advocating music and teaching kids about the importance of music education. It is also important to us to promote youth volunteerism, and there are many opportunities for youth to help out with our effort. Whether by holding and staffing instrument drives or coming along to teach kids how to play their instruments, many other young adults have gotten the opportunity to spread music! LETEM is a constantly evolving effort, and we consistently investigate new ways to make music more accessible for everyone! In the last year, we have distributed almost $10,000 of music equipment and instruction throughout the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho area. Basically anything that will promote music in our community is the work of our organization! Most importantly, every day our original mission holds true - we just want to LETEM play.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (April 2013)