Quiet Power Yoga

Thomas has made free yoga instruction/practice accessible to residents of North Minneapolis by offering free trauma informed classes to teens and more recently their parents in Heritage Park community space. Building on the health and wellness established in the Heritage Park community by Green Garden Bakery, a local youth-led urban gardening bakery, the community enthusiasm has exceeded expectations.

My long term goal is to launch Quiet Storm Yoga, community classes geared towards ages 30+ that include mindfulness practice guided with soul, Blues, Funk, Rnb, and Jazz. Creating an atmosphere with music that resonates with the African-American adults and the emerging seniors in the community to promote healthy living. This project would develop inclusive ways to make mindfulness practice inviting for Black Communities while address trauma and routes for personal healing and building community.

Ֆինանսավորված North Minneapolis, MN կողմից (October 2019)