Share Closet

Share Closet™ is a social media platform that facilitates the process of sharing clothing, shoes, and accessories among friends. Users upload photos of items they are willing to share into a virtual closet. Friends are able to browse the closet to choose items they would like to borrow. Share Closet™ keeps track of who has borrowed what, and sends reminders to friends on the users’ behalf. Users set their own lending terms (ie: whether clothes may be taken on vacation, whether clothes should be dry cleaned prior to return), to which friends must agree prior to borrowing. Sharing is facilitated between friends only, however users may sell items they are ready to part with permanently to anyone in the wider Share Closet™ user-base.
We believe that sharing makes the world a better place by inviting EVERYONE to a more open and sustainable lifestyle without asking for a complete overhaul of self! We believe that Share Closet™ is the perfect invitation! Sharing isn't only for sisters, hippies, or those on a limited budget- it’s for everyone. By removing the barriers to sharing, we are inviting everyone to build a culture of sharing within their circle of friends. We are inviting everyone explore a piece of the story of Pitseng from the safety of their best friends’ closets.
Sharing fosters openness. Opening our closets is a way of opening our lives to the people we care about. Share Closet™ creates a safe environment for this shift by allowing you to set your own terms, and regulate who sees what in your closet (through a system of circles similar to Google+).
Sharing is a more sustainable way to enjoy fashion. Share Closet™ will not bring consumerism to a halt, but does address event-driven purchasing. By unburdening us of the need to buy something new for each job interview, wedding, first date, etc., we are enabled to make better, higher-quality choices when we do make a purchase.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (March 2013)