Get Lit & Let Go

Hersilincey is focusing on cross-generational healing! This summer we are celebrating our Young Queens ages 15-18. We are committed to helping to foster these young queens self-care regimes early. Herslincey will be throwing a Lock-In workshop/celebration for them on Saturday, June 23rd from 8 pm to 8 am.

During this time we will be discussing many things from breaking trauma cycles, holistic healing, and financial literacy. After the workshop, we will be celebrating with fun activities such as DIY Facials, Henna, Photobooths and more! This event will be completely free to Young Queens and the programs that support them.

We also will be offering several small scholarships for some of these Young Queens to invest for their future. These scholarships can go toward college, trade school or even to starting a business for themselves! Dinner and Breakfast and many different giveaways will be offered during this even as well.

Ֆինանսավորված North Minneapolis, MN կողմից (March 2018)