"Transfarmations" in Germany with BeVeLa

BeVeLa (= Begleitung zur veganen Landwirtschaft, in English: accompaniment to vegan Agriculture) is a German organization helping farmers transition away from livestock/dairy.
BeVeLa helps these farms become sanctuaries (including setting up sponsorship for the animals), veganic plant-based farms, rewilding, set up farm sanctuary tours, vegan cafés, oat milk production or similar activities that don't involve animal exploitation.
Our main mission is to reduce animal suffering by removing animals from the food chain while also helping the environment and the humans working in this industry at the same time.
We have worked with a few farms in the past couple of months covering all travel expenses on our own and we have fundraised through social media to cover the costs of our transitioning farms, such as new barns, seeds to grow crops, donations for the animals on the new sanctuaries (feed, vet costs, etc. through sponsorships).
You can see one farm we are currently working with to help them transition here:

Right now, we are working with two farms wanting to start oat milk production (see next question) for which we need some funding but any financial support can help us support our next farms, two of which we already have lined up.
For example, when farms become sanctuaries, they often have to build new barns and buy food for the animals, which we would love to support them with.
Additionally, when former livestock farms want to start plant-based farming, they often also need to buy the first seeds and some tools to grow this food, which BeVeLa could also support with additional funding.

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