Wilford Lane Garden

Wilford St Garden is an existing initiative created as part of the D.A. for an apartment block on Enmore Rd. It has recently been tagged a lot and used to dump rubbish and needs a little kick-start to remind everyone about it!

I would like to run a weekend project for people to come and contribute some effort towards restoring the garden area. Basically a work-bee where I hire a skip and people come along from nearby to work the garden over, remove the crap, plant new plants and hopefully... paint the wall at rear in a plant related theme (street art style) to discourage crap tagging.

I have street art contacts for the art and I am a Real Estate Manager and can negotiate permissions. People will be encouraged to contribute time, labour, bring their tools and such. I have the assistance of a garden professional for plant advice and to cover the gaps tool wise and where an expert is required for safety. I live on the lane and can be overseer.

We will be asking for plant contributions as well. I'll mostly use local Facebook community groups and specialist groups like Inner West Plant people to rustle up folks as well as asking for assistance from council, perhaps some free native plants or such.

Additionally I run a group on Facebook called Street Bounty and I would have members look for some solid garden furniture that could be placed in the garden to encourage its use.

I'm thinking post lockdown, but with a bit more organisation (attendance booking of slots etc) it could be adapted to provide a Covid period event for parents and kids to do something together outside of the house.

It would be awesome to see this space live up again to its ideals.

Ֆինանսավորված Sydney կողմից (September 2021)