The Clean Earth Project-Gloucester

My goal is to organize groups of all ages to go around Gloucester multiple times a month and clean up different areas to create a happier, cleaner community. I stumbled upon a small store in Newport, Rhode Island and I saw that they had sustainably made clothing. I've always had a passion for the environment so naturally I went in. My mother and I met the owner of the Clean Earth project. She told us about the park/beach clean up the next day. My mother and I went and had a great time. It really opened our eyes to how much trash you just don't notice. We picked up 4.1 pounds of trash in just a half hour. All together, the volunteers ended up picking up 84 pounds in under three hours. The park looked so pretty after. We thought why can't we bring this to our own city? We talked to the people working the booths and they were so helpful and encouraging. They told us where we could get the supplies. We can get a “kit” for about 50 dollars, a kit includes a grabber, a lid and a reusable net. How would this benefit our community? Besides the environmental impact, it would clean the ocean for more sea life and bring more fish for the fisherman. It would be appealing to tourists and it would be a thing for the community to do, all while building pride.

Ֆինանսավորված Gloucester, MA կողմից (August 2021)