Summer Break Theatre

Summer Break Theatre is a project and Austin-based theatre company by teachers, for teachers. We provide an opportunity for teachers to perform in our productions and/or come out to support them and in turn, SBT is a resource of support for teachers to get what they need: supplies that they would normally pay for out of pocket, access to services that would help maintain their stress levels (such as teacher-themed events that advocate for their hard work and celebrate them), and an outlet through which they can creatively express themselves.

Last year, SBT donated over $200+ in gift cards to teachers through in-kind sponsorship from H-E-B and partial matching funding from SBT. This year (2021), SBT is thrilled to work in partnership with Waterloo Ice House to host a teacher breakfast event and separate movie night. In this past year, the pressures of being educator have been higher than ever and SBT continues to strive for supporting teachers through Art.

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (June 2021)