Decolonising Climate Change

‘Decolonising Climate Change’ is a free community arts project putting people of colour, immigrants, those from the diaspora experience at the forefront of climate change discussion. The project invites residents in Haringey (North London, UK) to up-skill through a series of free workshops across 2 days and creatively collaborate on a 2 week sound installation facilitated by artist Andrea Ling and produced by Good Chance Theatre. The aim is to use theatre and arts to empower communities to connect to local nature. Decolonisation is returning to nature, celebrating the power of community and the beauty of life on earth that needs protecting.

The project is set in 3 stages: workshops, creative imagining and a sound exhibition. It’s a platform for BIMPoC voices to tell their stories and develop ideas on local environmentalism which protect people and planet.

Outdoor Workshops & Online (Zoom) across 2 days:
- Introduction to intersectional environmentalism
- Storytelling
- Foraging walk of the local parks
- Guest speakers on: biodiversity, activism, social healing through nature.
- Movement & breathing classes - connecting body, spirit and nature.

Creative imagining:
A series of open exploration sessions with local residents. Participants are invited to retell stories on nature and to collectively imagine the future of Haringey. These stories and imaginings are recorded and placed into the sound installation.

Exhibition: A binaural sound installation of plants where audiences wear headphones and can interact with plants that trigger sound. It’s a playful discovery of stories, ideas and experiences from the community of Haringey.

This nonprofit project is already part funded by Good Chance Theatre to make the sound installation. The Awesome Foundation fund would enable the local activities and community action - a vital section of the project that creates artwork with impact: by creating art with communities.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (December 2021)