The Ride Along Series

Newy Rides is a small local bike tour business that's main goal is to champion Newcastle as a destination worth visiting and one worth returning to. I do these by interweaving the essential fabric of 'Newy' - the locals and their stories. Our rides highlight the best of the coast and the 'burbs, stopping along the way to admire street art, learn about days-gone-by and have a drink of something local.

My awesome project is the Ride Along Series which is being developed to really put locals (and visitors) into the stories and give them a front row seat to the minds of local creatives, chefs, producers, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs e.g. a progressive lunch hosted by a local chef, stopping along the way to eat each course and learn more about the providence of the dishes, their impact on the local economy etc.

I plan on running a series of one-off events with all different creatives/producers to help lift the profile of Newcastle as a tourism destination.

Ֆինանսավորված Newcastle կողմից (March 2021)