The Gage Park Mural Project

The Gage Park Mural Project is an art initiative of GPLXC working to support and connect local youth artists with opportunities to create public works of art that are reflective of the Gage Park community. Our resident artist, Mario Mena, leads youth 15-24 years of age through the process of creating a community mural. This will promote the empowerment of artists in the community and reclaiming public space.

This year we are starting out with 3 murals projects. Our projects will aim to educate through the subject matter chosen and bring awareness to socio economic issues affecting our community. Artists will be compensated with stipend opportunities for their participation and completion of murals in the community.

The Gage Park Mural Project will provide studio space for resident artists to have a local space to create from, which is unprecedented in Gage Park. With this studio space we hope to harbor independent ideas by each individual and promote their work and provide a gallery space to showcase their work.

** This project has been funded through funds honoring the memory of Mark Rogovin, a celebrated and beloved muralist in Chicago. These funds are specifically marked to support projects that benefit public art in the Chicago area.

Ֆինանսավորված Chicago, IL կողմից (February 2021)