Humanize Austin

Using a combination of technology, hard work and good old fashioned Austin kindness, Humanize Austin’s goal is to leverage technology to educate the public about the causes of homelessness, while connecting the homeless with potential employers, resources and donors.

Our Approach is simple: We provide select homeless participants with custom signs (generously donated by Pending Sign Co.). These signs include a large QR code where people can point their phone’s camera and view a video message from the Homeless participant that explains their story, how they got here, any skills they might be able to offer a potential employer and a tax-deductible way to donate towards their goal.

20% of all donations made to a participant will go towards a local non-profit partner of the Homeless participant’s choice. 70% will go to the homeless participant to be used towards a goal/purchase, and 10% will go to Humanize Austin to cover our costs such as credit card processing, outreach, advertising, video production, and technology enhancements.

Ֆինանսավորված Austin, TX կողմից (February 2021)