The 1st Korean national vegan documentary making

I want to make a proper vegan documentary which includes various information about health, environment and animal rights, based on Korean statistics and footages filmed in Korea. There are so many vegan movies from U.S. for example, but it's a bit hard for Koreans to feel related, or even understand the issues because the culture, history and environment are so different.
I want to make it in stereoscopic way to help people totally understand Carnism through interviews of famous and professional Korean people, touching and immersive storylines, sensual and artist visual & music.

I want to reach to general public who consume animal products in daily bases.. I hope audiences to make connection between their food choices and killing animals, encourage them to make better choice as soon as possible, ideally being vegan. At least I hope they understand why many people choose to be vegan these days, stop hatred and discrimination towards vegans(then it will be significantly easier to make a decision to go vegan).

Ֆինանսավորված Vegan կողմից (January 2021)