Art with Miss Myra

I am an art teacher who lives in rural ND who has been teaching art classes to people of all ages since 2006. When the COVID pandemic made teaching in person classes more challenging last March, I decided to offer daily art classes Mon through Friday on FB live so children could still have access to arts education whether they are still in at traditional classroom setting or distance learning or homeschooling. I offer my classes free of charge so all children can enjoy them. The classes that I teach as Art with Miss Myra are geared for elementary school age children but some older students and even some adults enjoy doing the projects as well. I teach classes on watercolor painting, painting with acrylics , oil pastel drawings, beading, pottery, fiber arts related classes such as spinning, weaving and knitting. The response to my classes has been great! I have kids from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and as far as Oklahoma and Kansas that tune in daily to watch and complete my project based art lessons. I had a virtual art show last May where I asked children to send in pictures of their projects that they created along with me and then I awarded and gave prizes which I mailed to three of the many participants. I have a passion and commitment to continue providing these free art lessons on a daily basis until our world gets back to normal, whatever that looks like.

Ֆինանսավորված Cass Clay կողմից (March 2021)