BIPoC & LGBTQA+ Improv Scholarships

Our program, Brooklyn Improv Training, has been teaching our ensemble-driven brand of theatrical improvisation to adults since 2016. Our unique approach is focused on building community and collective success. As it is part of our non-profit mission, all of our classes are offered at reduced rates.

But that wasn't accessible enough for us! We have been giving members of the BIPoC and LGBTQA+ communities full scholarships to our online improv classes. This is part of our continuing mission to reach more people, particularly those that are underrepresented within the world of improv.

Since we began accepting applications for these scholarships in August 2020, we have been able to completely wave 20 tuitions to people from around the world! Literally! From Portugal to Mexico to Pakistan, and all over the USA.

These scholarships are at the heart of our company's mission to constantly find new ways to bring joy and togetherness to as many people as possible.

You can sign up online for LoM's next 4-class Intro program, beginning on January 6, 2021. You can also support Letter of Marque by contributing to our Patreon.

Ֆինանսավորված New York City, NY կողմից (December 2020)