Putting recycling bins in Health Science universit

Trash problem in Ulaanbaatar is one of the biggest problem. Each person produces 2 kg trash everyday. And citizens of the capital produces 1 million tons trash per year. The trash get to a landfill. Nowadays it's known that landfill is take too much space and harmful for humans, animals and nature. There's two main garbage dumps in Ulaanbaatar. They didn't built as standard and about to be full. Now we have to seriously think what should we do with trash. We can reduce, re use and recycle to solve trash problem. Recycling saves space, energy and natural resources. 70 percent of the trash can be recycled. In some developed countries recycle 40 percent of their waste. For about Mongolians it's only 5 percent which is done by scavengers. Mongolian government built a "Recycling factory" non-repayable subsidy by Korean government. It can recycle 8 tons of trash everyday.
So we need to sort the waste we throw away. We need recycling bins. Also we need to advertise the importance of recycling using posters. In university environment most of the waste is recyclable. We want to sort trash by 3 types. 1st: Paper waste (paper cups, notebooks, magazine, newspapers, printer papers, paper bags etc)
2nd: Plastic, glass, metal, (coke, water containers, bottles, plastic tubes etc)
3rd: The rest (food waste etc)
There's no specific recycling bins are sold in Mongolia. So we can use old ones as well as new bins. We should put three bins attached together in one place and put recycling logos and details of what should be thrown in a bin.
Where should we put? We will put medium sized attached recycling bins in every floor (4), every floor of extension (4), lecture rooms and cultural center(4) , big sized In entrance hall (2), cafeterias(4), totally in 18 places 54 big and medium trash bins. We can use 18 old trash bins by decorating the same as new ones. Posters which encourage students to throw their waste in recycling bins will be placed in every floor and in entrance hall.

Ֆինանսավորված Ulaanbaatar կողմից (November 2012)