1911 Baker Electric Automobile

One hundred years before the Tesla Roadster or the Nissan Leaf, a company called Baker Electric was making cars entirely powered by electricity. Today, a group of awesome folks in Rhinebeck, NY are bringing a Baker Electric car back to life.

This month, the NYC chapter of the Awesome Foundation is proud to announce that our $1000 microgrant will allow a group at the the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome museum to restore a 1911 Baker Electric Automobile to working order. This vehicle is quite a unique piece of early automotive technology, illustrating the little-known history of electric car experimentation. And it’s history you can see in person: in the summer, audiences at the Aerodrome can check out air shows and a "Parade of Vintage Vehicles" which will include the Baker Electric Car once it’s been restored.

Currently, the Aerodrome's Baker has been moved out of storage and into the workshop for cleaning and evaluation. Check out the group’s Baker Electric blog for photos and updates on this awesome car’s restoration (and for a video of Jay Leno with his own 1909 Baker Electric)!

Want to go on a road trip with the AwesomeNYC trustees to visit the electric car? Sign up to get info about our trip.

Ֆինանսավորված New York City, NY կողմից (December 2012)

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