Globetops in NYC

Globetops is not your traditional donation-based charity. It’s not a corporate philanthropy program. It is a network of people providing for people and being provided for. It is an exploration of the human desire for connection and a harmony of resources. Fueled by a collection of individuals taking on something bigger than themselves, Globetops is dissolving the divide between giver and receiver so that all that is left is one.

We’re looking to make that kind of difference in the lives of hundreds of NYC students right now who are struggling to keep up with their classes without access to a laptop or tablet. Some kids aren’t participating at all, or are trying to do homework from their parents’ cell phones.

NYC schools are set to open in the fall, but with the precarious situations other districts are facing mere days after opening, it's not hard to imagine a return to a strict home learning curriculum.

As of this writing we've distributed 102 devices to various programs that directly distribute to students but there is still far more work to be done. Anyone interested in contributing their devices can go here to fill out a donation form.

With looming budget cuts to the already derelict NYC public transit system, Globetops is looking to adapt to drastically changing circumstances in a city with an uncertain future. We’re looking to purchase a moped or ebike for device pickup and delivery to transport an ever increasing volume of donations.

Ֆինանսավորված New York City, NY կողմից (September 2020)