Live Safari in Tiger Country

Good Day,

I am writing this letter to inquire for a grant under the Awesome Without Borders Grant Programme for a unique initiative we are currently preparing for, India's first ever live tiger reserve safari experience. We wish to undertake this initiative through our social media public platforms of YouTube and Facebook so these videos can reach as wide an audience as possible, and visitors can get introduced to, learn and enjoy watching the biodiversity of the native wilderness of our country whilst interacting with us on a live stream.

Our proposed project site is the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. We are currently in the process of testing the equipment we will be using in the field to execute this project.

We are also in touch with the state tourism department of Madhya Pradesh in which the Pench Tiger Reserve is located, for promotion and support of this project currently and are discussing the same with them.

The duration of our project will be 15 days over which we will be streaming live on Youtube and Facebook every day.

The current budget for our project is currently estimated at 5950 USD, however as shared we are in touch with the state's tourism department and are hopeful of their support as well during our ongoing discussions since this initiative will also have a positive influence for tourism during this difficult time, and believe they might be able to support this project for approximately 1130 USD of the estimated budget.

We plan to undertake the field-testing of the selected equipment for this project in September 2020 (we would be undertaking this recce at our own cost along with some support from the state tourism department), and should the test be successful, would be in a position to execute this project in October 2020.

I have attached a few images of the project site having visited the same in the past on many ocassions.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (October 2020)