SOS: Support Our Students

During this unprecedented time of abrupt school closures due to CoVid-19 we have been witness to student and family struggles which have propelled us to act, help and try to support our students. The stories are many: :a Gloucester High student's sole guardian spent 6 weeks in the hospital with the virus leaving her home alone at 18 to care for herself. Others were made the sole breadwinners overnight, responsible for paying family rent and bills, while some sadly lost a parent or grandparent to this terrible illness. The stories are endless but the one we would like to tell is that of the school faculty stepping up and raising thousands of dollars to help pay student rent, bills, offer gift cards and deliver essential needs such as food, health items and cleaning supplies. In addition to the unwavering support of the teachers, these efforts were also made possible from the partnership with the Facebook Group, "We're All This Together". The needs have unfortunately not waned and we continue to try to meet the unmet needs of our students. We feel we can not continue to rely on the generosity of our staff and hope that these acts of support can be supplemented by this funding opportunity.

Ֆինանսավորված Gloucester, MA կողմից (July 2020)