Postcards From Farr Away

My organization, Postcards From Farr Away is an organization that asks people to write genuine and sincere messages on postcards, and then we send them out randomly. We hope to spread random acts of kindness.

One evening I received a call. It was from a woman who had just been in the hospital. Her child was hospitalized for the past couple days and she had just arrived back at her house to start sorting thru life that had been temporarily postponed. As she was going thru her mail, sorting out the junk mail & bills, she came across a postcard.

Now I don't know what the postcard said, but this woman called me to articulate that this simple piece of mail had a message written on it that lifted her spirits and was extremely timely. That it impacted her and it made a turbulent time in her life a little better and brighter. This was the work of Postcards From Farr Away.

I aim to make as many people's days as possible, by using a very simple, yet meaningful gesture.

Volunteers write these messages, and then sometimes by myself, and sometimes by the help of these volunteers I address them and send them out.

Each postcard is branded with a simple URL (, which the recipients can come to a website and can understand how they got the postcard. People on the website can buy merchandise associated with the cause, submit addresses to have postcards sent to, and stay up to date with the current state of the organization.

In the next couple months I plan to start to roll out a volunteer network across college campuses to help spread PFFA exponentially. With the assistance of the Gonzaga University New Venture Lab, we created an inexpensive plan to syndicate the organization, and allow it to function all across the nation.

I have sent out thousands of postcards locally, nationally, and recently internationally (9 countries and counting!).

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