Pedalpalooza is Portland's month of free bike fun that happens every June. We've been producing this event since 2002 with volunteer love and on a shoestring budget. Rides include the notorious World Naked Bike Ride (10,000 riders), and even quirkier events, like the Bike Play where cyclists follow actors throughout the city and stop at new locations for every scene. One of my personal favorites is the Kickoff Ride, which happens on the first day of the month. It's like a "homecoming" for all the bikers as we crawl out from under our rocks, shed our rain jackets, and pull on our silliest costumes. Last year we had 342 rides listed on our community calendar -- a record for us!

Rides happen all over the Portland metro-area, and anyone is welcomed to host an event, making this a notoriously visible, wildly inclusive, and extremely impactful festival.

Our 18 year relationship with our media sponsor, The Mercury, is ending because of the financial hit they're experiencing from Coronavirus. This is an unexpected and worrisome blow, as our many thousands of riders have come to associate their Summer Issue with the release of Pedalpalooza's printed calendar. Printing is going cost a lot, but Awesome Portland's contribution will help significantly.

Ֆինանսավորված Portland, OR կողմից (March 2020)