Halev - Independent Living Program, Social cinema

Halev helps these youngsters at risk who are in the worst possible circumstances negotiate crucial phase of their lives. It helps to maximize their own interests and capabilities by providing learning tutoring, educational counselling, psychological therapy, skills development and empowerment by cinema workshops.

Social cinema project: Film program – Empowering youth at risk. This program is designed to allow participants to express themselves through learning of cinema, watching movies and making a short documentary. Participation in this framework would lead to empowerment in terms of enhanced self-esteem, enhanced cooperation with others within a social framework, establishing social contact through chalanges bearing of frustrating conditions and enhanced capability of influencing one's environment.

The workshops include a set of exercises that focus on the empowerment aspects in all stages of film production: scriptwriting, production, directing, acting, shooting and editing. At the end, making a short film by youth. Making the film teaches them to take responsibility, to develop self-efficacy, to place an internal locus of control, working as an individual within a group, to manage time effectively.

Empowerment throughsocial cinema workshop may bring personal change in the aspect of preparation for independent living.

Ֆինանսավորված Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה կողմից (September 2012)