Women Artists Archive Miami

WAAM is an online digital archive dedicated to preserving, documenting and making visible, the creative practices of women and female identifying artists in Miami. I founded WAAM in 2019 as a response to a growing need to build an archival space for women artists who do not have access to mainstream resources and for artists who are underrepresented and under-recognized.

The inspiration for the projects comes from asking the question, "Who is being recorded in history and who is left out"? I believe it is imperative to provide access points that are based in the community Many artists and cultural producers don't have access to mainstream art resources including, galleries, museums and art spaces. Furthermore, As a nontraditional archive, WAAM offers a dynamic community space to artists to document and share their creative living legacies.

My Awesome project will focus on gathering oral histories of Miami's women and female identifying artists, particularly those who are marginalized and those who have been left out of the mainstream art historical narrative.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (April 2020)