Vending Machines For The Homeless

Someone has donated a vending machine to the Orlando-bases nonprofit Street Team Movement Inc. The mission of Street Team Movement is to restore hope to those impacted by homelessness by providing showers, laundry, and remedial aid (personal, dental, feminine hygiene items along with clothes and shoes.).

We have been looking for a way to conveniently provide hygiene items that the homeless community needs and are excited to announce that a vending machine will be able to do just that. We have tested our vending machine (see attached) and have found TWO locations in the Parramore area willing to house the machine.

At this time, each machine is equipped with a coin/bill slot to receive payment. Because we want these items to be free to the homeless community, we will install magnetic strip card readers on each machine. We are partnered with a company that will donate the installation as long as we provide the specific equipment for each machine. The cards will be programmed to each of our homeless friends to have a maximum of 3 items a week (we wouldn't want one person emptying out the machine). The card system allows us to manage inventory and track which items are used frequently.

Items in the machine will include:
Soaps, rags, deodorant, feminine products, ponchos, trash bags, mosquito repellant, toothbrush, toothpaste, instant coffee, socks, birthday cards and more!

Seasonal items will include:
Gloves, hats, scarves, hand/feet warmers, cool towels, seasonal cards, and more!

Ֆինանսավորված Orlando, FL կողմից (February 2020)