'Floral Peroxide' - Audio book

I am a Theatre Producer, Performance Poet, Disabled Artist, and 2016 South Australian Poetry Slam Champion. I explore the power of words beyond the traditional poetry formats, utilising performance, movement, and theatre in my work, creating performance art that addresses issues of accessibility and diversity, My work sparks debate on how we, as a society view physical, and mental disability.

In 2019, I self-produced my own show, 'Floral Peroxide' for Adelaide Fringe.
'Floral Peroxide debuted to a sell-out season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, earning five star reviews, and winning The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation Award, 2019.

Feedback from our show in 2019, was extremely positive, particularly from the disability community. We had attendance by a number of D/deaf/hearing impaired, and Blind/vision impaired audience members, who provided useful suggestions on what they would like to see for greater accessibility in both live performance works, and art, in general. One main suggestion that came up was the creation of an audio book. We have various chapbooks, and visual-based art available to purchase at our live performances, but until this point, had not considered that there were no pieces of work that Blind or vision-impaired members of the audience could take home with them as a memento. As we are a sound-based production, working around performance poetry, and electronic soundscape, creating an audio book only made perfect sense to us!

We are bringing 'Floral Peroxide' back for Adelaide Fringe in 2020, with the addition of audio-description, and a scheduled tactile tour. We want to create an awesome audio book to be available at our show, and in future incarnations of the project!

Ֆինանսավորված Adelaide կողմից (November 2019)