Lockhart Community History Mural

We are utilizing a history mural to revitalize an older, neglected historic part of Orange County. Lockhart has a rich history and the "bones" of the community are strong, with a vibrant commercial corridor, community service organizations, homeowner's groups, educational institutions and more. However, they haven't worked together on a project in a generation and the area is now blighted and residents discouraged.

We have hired a professional artist to paint a 123 ft. mural along Edgewater Drive - the main street of Lockhart. In fact, it is the oldest road connecting Apopka with Orlando, known as the "Old Dixie Hwy". We have enlisted students from 4 schools to paint, a dozen HOA's, civic groups and churches to supply volunteers, and local businesses to donate money and supplies. We have held collaborative meetings to engage the community with the content. I have sent letters, handwritten notes and personally visited every business along Edgewater Drive and other parts of Lockhart to raise needed funding.

We ran into a problem with a grant funding the repair of stucco on the wall and now need to raise an additional $3,500. We would need funding committed prior to December 31, 2019.

The community has embraced the history mural in everyway. I truly believe it will lead to the county and other investors financing and growing a true downtown Lockhart.

On a side note: Orange TV will be developing a time lapse video of the painting and a one-hour program about Orange County's smaller, older, forgotten communities. Many times residents just need to know others care and are willing to help them help themselves. The Lockhart program will be aired on Orange TV.

I hope you will be a part of this historic mural project on Edgewater Drive.

Ֆինանսավորված Orlando, FL կողմից (October 2019)