Ending Diaper Need

Our awesome project is working to end diaper need for babies and young children! As part of our work as the only diaper bank in WNC, serving 5 counties, Babies Need Bottoms (BNB) distribute diapers to families of babies and young children who can not afford a sufficient supply of diapers through our 14 partner agencies. Our partners provide crucial social services to mostly women and young children and by distributing diapers we support their work and meet a basic need. Families who don’t have enough diapers often stretch the diapers they have or try to re-use them, putting children at risk for diaper rash and other complications of unchanged diapers. Not having enough diapers is a known parental stressor and contributes negatively to parental mental health. Providing diapers to help a parent get through the month or allow their child to go to child care or early education (who require at least a days supply of diapers in advance) is an important way we can stand in solidarity with other parents. Raising kids is hard and expensive. Diapers cost $70-$80 a month on average and government assistance like WIC and food assistance do not cover diapers. Joining with parents who struggle to afford enough diapers for their children to provide them a basic necessity is awesome!

Ֆինանսավորված Asheville, NC կողմից (December 2019)