Vuvuzela Virtuosos

The idea is simple: create an ensemble of Vuvuzela players who will serenade Ottawa with the dulcet tones of the Vuvuzela at a variety of events.

We will recruit approximately 50 people to help us launch the Awesome Ottawa Vuvuzela Virtuosos at the Help Santa Parade on November 20th. We will perform a series of Christmas carols arranged for Vuvuzela.

We will follow this up with a series of events on the Christmas and Holiday theme through November and December.

Here’s what we’re thinking (for starters)
Event the first: Vuvuzela in the Santa Claus parade (November 20th)
Event the second: Carolling at 24 Sussex. And Rideau Hall. And street corners. And malls. Randomly.
Following which: Sparks Street Serenade (in front of the CBC building).
Etc.: Vuvuzela out of a parking garage during Christmas shopping season.
Etc.: Vuvuzela a random Minor league hockey game. That’s right. We’ll just show up. And make the kids’ day. With Vuvuzelas.

The possibilities are endless, really. And we don’t ever really have to stop. We could create new arrangements. Flight of the Bumblebee perhaps. While skating down the canal. Can you see it? I can see it.

Anyway. We have enough friends who would get on board. We just need the Vuvus. Please. It would be Awesome.

Ֆինանսավորված Ottawa կողմից (October 2010)