The Future Is Us Collective

Originally founded as a youth coalition of 8 artists in 2017, The Future is Us Collective exists as an all-inclusive arts collective based in Philadelphia. Through our exhibits, we give local unestablished artists (typically high school students) the opportunity to showcase their artworks for little to no showcasing fees. We give these artists a career foundation while at the same time, giving Philly youth a safe inclusive space to enjoy the arts. When creating exhibitions, we focus on concentrations that cater to the Philly teen audience to ensure informational accessibility (in addition to financial and locational accessibility) while at the same time making our concentrations universally engaging. In addition to our showcases, we partner with established art-organizations to run youth oriented community engagement initiatives such as youth workshops and collaborative youth exhibitions. Lastly, we act as a resource for emerging artists and creatives in the Philadelphia area with our online platforms and our email newsletter where we share a resource of artists opportunities and accessible events monthly.

Ֆինանսավորված Philadelphia, PA կողմից (September 2019)