Green Light Project: Harm Reduction outreach

We call ourselves the Green Light Project, which is derivative of the idea of a "Red Light District," where people are free to chase their fantasies; the Green Light Project aims to provide supplies and resources to sex workers and drug users on North Aurora at no cost.
We are an unincorporated group of folks getting together to provide safe sex supplies, snacks, and clean needles, as well as provide emergency services to folks experiencing crises. Coming from a harm reduction and pro-sex worker stance, our outreach focuses on supplying the community with their most basic needs and empowering them.

We often go out 9-11pm or later, every Friday night, in numbers of 2-4. We ask the working girls on Aurora what their needs are, what threats they face, and befriend them.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (August 2019)