The Caldwell Project

I do so many awesome projects. Recently I put out a book called "the Haus of Haunt: Watch Children" about underground Pittsburgh drag queens (one of whom, Sharon Needles, isn't so underground any more, June 12th was official Sharon Needles day in Pittsburgh). I do lots of other really awesome stuff as well. I photograph tons of performers and their performances, and let them use the images for their own publicity for free (most can't afford to pay for photos yet). I photograph queer weddings for free as a political statement. I document protests and marches and let folks use whatever images they want. I take pictures at parties and benefits and let people use whatever they want for future promotion. I take pictures of people with life altering disabilities and surgeries that they then use to inspire others to overcome similar setbacks and disabilities. I take pictures of people who think they are ugly that show them that they aren't and make them feel better about themselves. I photograph the artwork of struggling artists to help them promote their work. I do almost all this for free because I think people deserve good photos, and many of the artists and folks I work with, don't have the success they are striving for just yet, and can't afford a photographer. I do lots of other things as well. Right now most all of this is on hold because my camera broke, and the camera I am using now is very inadequate, and does not produce images of great quality. Sorry I won't have any images to upload, that wasn't on the last application, and I don't have time to prepare something because of work and a zillion other things I have deadlines for today. Refer to last months application and you can see some photos from my book

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (August 2012)