Audio Mob YYC (The MP3 Experiment)

A first of its kind experiment in Calgary to bring people together and highlight the importance of Great Public Spaces.

The mp3 Experiment involves distributing a secret mp3 via social media and word of mouth. People are given a secret date, time, and location to meet at where upon all participants will simultaneously listen to their copies of the mp3 on their audio devices, containing a mix of directions and instructions directing them to various AWESOME locations around the city while doing AWESOME things on the way like hi-five’ing random strangers, dancing with random people, flash mobbing, etc. The experiment would terminate at an awesome location like the Bow River Flow in and around Eau Claire Market or somewhere public like Prince's Island Park where all the participants would come together in a giant LARP’ing event (Live-Action Role Play)

Participants can either meet up at a pre-determined destination and start the mp3 or can start the mp3 at any random location in the city, but meet at a common place towards the end. They also have the option of dressing up according to a theme or certain colors so they can identify with other participants and feel a sense of camaraderie.

The driving force behind this idea is to shake things up in Calgary. I often hear recently immigrated young professionals from Montreal or Vancouver complain about how there is nothing exciting happening in Calgary and how there is nothing to do. I want to show these haters how awesome Calgary truly is and that there is an undercurrent of epic awesomeness riding in this city, if they would only bother to look for it. We are truly at the cusp of a major shift of Calgary becoming a world-class city and I want to be part of the great energy that I feel. The mp3 Experiment is my way of making me and other Calgarians feel more connected and more awesome about this city.

Ֆինանսավորված Calgary, AB կողմից (May 2011)

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